Johnny's Auto Service
4.95/5.00, based on 111 ratings; 83 user reviews

  Ernest, 10/28/2021

Great service, and very nice people to deal with. Much better than the dealership service department. I recommend this business very highly.

  Gorman, 10/28/2021

Great service

  Creighton, 10/28/2021

Johnny's Auto Service and the wonderful staff that make up this outstanding organization continues to excel each time we trust them to do work on our vehicles. Their thoroughness, detail and quality of service is absolutely the best. We highly recommend them!!!

  Jackie, 09/23/2021

Johnnys rates more then 5 stars. I take my cars in for service and needed repairs for over 6 years and I am also kept informed and repairs are done on time

  Mason, 08/27/2021

i love being contacted via email showing me the needs of my car. They give great advice and are very knowledgeable. I appreciate their concern for my car and my well-being.

  Gerald, 07/02/2021

Best and most professional auto service ever.

  Laura, 05/13/2021

I have both of my vehicles serviced at Johnny?s. The service is professional and honest, which is huge in my book. I highly recommend this auto service shop and I have referred many of my family and friends to have their vehicles serviced at Johnny?s.

  Bob, 04/08/2021

great service!

  Steve, 02/19/2021

These guys are the best shop I've ever dealt with. They finish when they promised, and stand behind their work. Pleasant people, super well organized, and use technology to keep you well informed.

  David, 11/19/2020

Great service, friendly and quality work

  Laura, 11/05/2020

Very professional, trustworthy and prompt, I have been coming to Johnny?s for over 8 years. Never have I had issues with service or recommendations on service needed for my vehicles.

  Carol, 10/23/2020

Service and communication at Johnny's Auto Service are great! They are friendly and very upfront with repairs and what else needs to be done. I would definitely recommend them to any of my friends or anyone else that would ask.

  George, 04/09/2020

Love the staff . Made me feel like family

  Carol, 07/04/2019

Johnny?s is a great place with a great staff! They were able to diagnose a longtime problem, and the mechanics were able to fix the problem with professionalism!

  Marco, 06/13/2019

About a year ago, I take my Kia in for A/C service. An hour goes by and I receive a call from the shop saying that no service is needed; A/C is working just fine, no charge. Now that's the kind of shop I want to do business with. They could have said service was needed and charged me, but they were honest about it. They have won a customer for life with me. Highly recommend them.

  Bret, 02/28/2019

Very professional. Very clean shop. Prices at very fair. I will return for future service.

  Luis, 01/31/2019

Great speedy service

  Yolanda, 01/21/2019

Professional and great service Perfect diagnoses and fast Both thumbs up

  Gerald, 01/18/2019

Great work and terrific attitude. Each mechanic takes the time to discuss what your car needs and answer any questions you have about your car or any other related issue.

  Owen, 12/06/2018

Very Professional! Highly Recommended!